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How Much Money Does This Website Make?

by | Jun 22, 2020

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Answer: $0

That answer may surprise some people. This site is currently not monetized in any way, shape or form. If you look at any post or page, there are no affiliate links or ads whatsoever. That said, this doesn’t mean that I won’t monetize this site at some point in the future.

Why I do it…

Reselling gift cards is a hobby for me. I started this website and the GCR slack group in order to create the tools and resources that I wanted when I was just starting out and scaling my reselling efforts.

What I need from you…

I want to continue to build the tools and resources that are helpful to y’all (I’m from Texas and say y’all). I have an ever evolving “suggestions” list from the members of the GCR Slack Group but I need new ideas and fresh perspective. Leave me a comment, send me an email ( or send me a tweet (@GiftCardReport) with what you want to see on this site. I can promise that I will respond to each and every one of you and add your idea to the suggestions list.


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InformationalHow Much Money Does This Website Make?