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Kroger: 15.0% discount on Adidas

by | Jun 2, 2021

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Save 15% off a $50 adidas eGift Card

  • Brand: Adidas
  • Discount (excluding Fuel Points): 15.0%
  • Fuel Points: 100
  • Quantity Limit: 1
  • Max Discount: $7.50
  • Expiration: June 15
  • Click here to access deal

Note: Fuel point earnings accurate only as of time of posting.


This discount is not best currently available (15.0% vs. 20.0%). See below for further detail.


Buy $50 adidas Gift Card for $40 (20% Instant Savings!)

Adidas – Buy $50 Save $7.50 instantly

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Visit our Kroger retailer page by clicking here.


Need More Details On The Kroger Fuel Points Program?

Visit our complete guide to Kroger Fuel Points by clicking here.


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KrogerKroger: 15.0% discount on Adidas