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About The Fluz Power Portal

by | Sep 20, 2021

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What is the Fluz Power Portal?

The Fluz Power Portal is a program meant for Enterprise (or “Power”) users of Fluz. For more detail, the easiest way to describe the Fluz Power Portal is through the two major benefits it has over the Fluz App:

  1. Increased limits: While the app has relatively low daily limits by brand and overall, the Power Portal has substantially higher limits of up to $100k/day.
  2. Desktop User Interface: For the user on the go, the mobile application is perfect to purchase and use gift cards on the go increasing your rewards. For the power user that wants to potentially resell gift cards purchased from the app, the desktop user interface makes that substantially easier.

Are the Power Portal Rates Better Too?

I wish! But, no, the rates are no different than you will find in the app. That said, one thing that we have seen in the past is that you might have access to higher denominations in the Power Portal.

How Do I Join The Power Portal?

You can apply to join the power portal here. That said, in order to be accepted, you need to have spent a material amount in the app beforehand as the Power Portal is meant for Enterprise (or “Power”) users.

How Do I Get Started On Fluz?

Get started by checking out our Fluz Complete Guide by clicking here. When you’re signing up for the app, make sure to use referral code “GIFTCARDREPORT” to support the blog!

If you've found this guide or this blog in general helpful, joining Fluz through our referral link is a very easy way to support us.

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What You Will Get

  • 3 Vouchers worth maximum of $3.50 each (or $10.50 total) just for joining


What We Will Get

  • 1 voucher worth maximum of $3.50 when you purchase your first gift card

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