Fluz Launching Business Accounts

Aug 19, 2022 | Fluz

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Fluz is in the process of launching business accounts. Below we’ve summarized the official info from Fluz on their business accounts as well as some rumors / speculation we’ve seen regarding these accounts and some areas that might be of interest…

The Official Info

What Is A Fluz Business Account?

A Fluz Business Account is an amplified account that has multiple incremental benefits including…

  • Increased Daily Account Spend Limit
  • Cash Balance (Beta)
    • Cash balance is a virtual account balance that can be used to purchase gift cards, virtual one-time use cards and (soon) transfer funds via peer-to-peer payments
  • Cash Balance Only Merchants
    • Cash balance only merchants include Walmart and Amazon as well as Visa and Mastercard gift cards.
  • One-Time Use Virtual Cards (Early Access) [Coming Soon]
    • Earn 1.5% cash back anywhere Visa is accepted

How Do I Apply For A Fluz Business Account?

If you are already a power portal user there are two ways to apply:

  1. Log into the power portal and open the chat function. Look for a section titled “Upgrade to a Business Account”.
  2. Click here and log in to your power portal account. This is the same link you access in step one.

How Do I Access The Power Portal?

The Power Portal login can be found at https://power.fluz.app/.

What Documentation Will I Need To Apply?

There are up to 7 documents that you will need to apply for a Fluz Business Account:

  1. Filled out Business Account Application Form
  2. US-based Business
  3. EIN Letter
  4. Articles of Incorporation
  5. Business Bank Statement
  6. Valid Government ID
  7. Other Owners Info Sheet (if applicable)

The Rumors / Speculation & Areas of Interest

There are two major areas of interest that we’ve seen with regards to business accounts. For complete clarity, these are rumors / speculation and are not official info from Fluz.

  1. From what we’ve heard, it is expected to be a 3% fee to load your Fluz cash balance BUT you’ll potentially have the option to choose which credit card category your load codes as. If you then use your Fluz cash balance to purchase a gift card from Fluz, you’d get your 3% back. If the rumor is accurate, you could effectively buy a McDonald’s gift card and have it code as office supplies for example.
  2. Again, from what we’ve heard, if you purchase a one-time use variable card, you will receive 1.5% cashback (or an effective 1.5% cost when factoring in the 3% load fee). The cards are also supposedly going to be available up to $2,000. I’m sure someone can get creative with how best to liquidate a $2,000 visa gift card at a 1.5% effective cost after being able to choose what category it codes as for credit cards…


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