Gift cards are one of the top presents annually for a multitude of occassions including birthdays and holidays. That said, sometimes the brands aren’t something that you can easily use or a brand that you would typically shop at. Lucky for you, you have at least 4 options for your unwanted gift card!


Lucky for you, the gift card reselling market has become substantially easier in recent years with the introduction of marketplaces such as Raise and Cardcash. While this article is not all encompasing with regards to how to sell on these sites, the below should get you started.

Raise; Raise is the largest public gift card marketplace. You can list your gift card for sale at whatever price you deem appropriate and once your card is sold, you can receive your funds via Direct Deposit, PayPal or check. We should not that Raise typically takes ~15% commission on sales. To get started, you can use of referral link (click here) and we both receive $5!

CardCash; Cardcash is another large public gift card marketplace though operates differently than Raise. CardCash will make an offer for your gift card and it is take it or leave it with no room for negotiation. If you choose to accept, you can also get paid via Direct Deposit, PayPal or Check like Raise. To get started, click here.


Instead of selling your unwanted gift card, why not trade it for something you actually want? You can trade your card for a different brand or even airline miles!

CardCash; Not only can you sell your gift cards to CardCash (see above), you can also trade them. When you trade gift cards, you can get up to 11% more value than if you sell them. For example, I could sell a $100 Best Buy gift card for $86 (as of time of writing) or trade it for an $88.58 Amazon Gift Card.

Giant Eagle; You can also trade your unwanted gift cards for a Giant Eagle gift card. We note that the Giant Eagle exchange portal is operated by CardCash. Based off our preliminary analysis, you receive the same trade offer for Giant Eagle as you do for Amazon. If you are interested in brands other than Giant Eagle, you will have more options going to CardCash directly. Click here for the Giant Eagle Gift Card Exchange.

United (MileagePlus); An alternative option is to trade your unwanted gift card for United Miles through the MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange. You will receive at least 670 miles for a $25 gift card which equates to purchasing miles for 3.7¢ per mile which is not the best deal though better than nothing. Click here for the MileagePlus Gift Card Exchange.


Decide that you don’t want the card at all anymore? You can donate the card to a worthwhile cause and potentially get a tax benefit from the donation. We are not tax experts and don’t pretend to be but there could be tax benefits from charitable donations including gift cards.

St. Jude’s; CardCash runs a platform to allow for the donation of gift cards to St. Jude’s with rates are similar to selling card directly to them or converting to Giant Eagle (see above). Click here for the St. Jude’s Gift Card donation portal.

Charity Choice; Charity Choice allows individuals to donate unused gift cards and donate the remaining funds to up to 3 charities from a list of over 1,000 worthwhile causes. According to Charity Choice “Donations are 100% tax deductible for the full face value of the card or its actual residual balance”. This portal is also operated by CardCash. Click here for the Charity Choice donation portal.


If you don’t want to sell, trade or donate your unwanted gift card, you can always choose to just re-gift the card. Gift cards are consistently one of the top presents annually and there will be ample opportunities to re-gift in the future including birthdays and holidays.

Complete Guide To Unwanted Gift Cards