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About Paypal Digital Gifts

Paypal Digital Gifts (PPDG) is an online marketplace for gift cards run by PayPal. Paypal Digital Gifts operates their own website (Click Here) as well as an eBay Store (Click Here).


How to Purchase Gift Card Deals

In order to purchase gift card deals from Paypal Digital Gifts, one must first have a PayPal account. Gift card deals are limited to the account and are typically 1-5 cards per deal. While you can create a PayPal account for yourself and your player 2, we recommend you do not try to game the system by creating more accounts than that. See the table below to see all the current Paypal Digital Gifts deals and discounts.


Where To Purchase Paypal Gift Cards

 In 2012, Paypal launched the PayPal My Cash Card which allowed users to load their Paypal account by purchasing the card from pharmacies and discount stores rather than through bank transfers. Unfortunately, Paypal discontinued the My Cash Card in 2017. Currently, Paypal Cash is the only option for adding to your Paypal balance other than bank transfers. That said, Paypal Cash is cash only so not helpful for gift card resellers.


Payment Method Options

Given PayPal is a payment method itself, it is unsurprising that PayPal is the only payment accepted for Paypal Digital Gifts deals.


Best Credit Card To Use

  • Discover IT: Paypal is one of the 3Q20 5% bonus categories
  • Chase Freedom: Paypal was one of the 4Q19 5% bonus categories
  • Citi DoubleCash: 2% cashback on all purchases


Some Of Our Favorite Past Deals


Recent Paypal Digital Gifts Deals & Discounts

PayPal Digital Gifts: 10.0% discount on Chipotle

PayPal Digital Gifts: 10.0% discount on Chipotle

DEAL DETAILS Buy $50 Chipotle Gift Card for just $45 ($5 Instant Savings!) Brand: ChipotleDiscount: 10.0%Click here to access deal OTHER CURRENT CHIPOTLE DEALS Chipotle - Buy $50, save $5 instantlyWebsite: Samsung PayDiscount: 10.0%Click here to access deal

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Current Paypal Digital Gifts Deals and Discounts

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