GCR Gift Card Resources

Our goal at Gift Card Report is to give you the news, tools & resources to become the most successful gift card reseller that you can be. Since we were founded in January 2020, we’ve listened to you and created the tools and resources that you’ve asked for. That said, it’s become a common occurance that readers don’t know the full extent of the resources we’ve made available to them. Accordingly, we’ve created this GCR Gift Card Resources homepage to simplify things a little bit.

Below, you will find two sections, GCR Toolbelt & Knowledge Base.

  • GCR Toolbelt : A collection of pages that are updated daily (if not more frequently) and are meant to be used everyday or multiple times per week.
  • GCR Bookshelf: A collection of pages that are updated weekly/monthly and are meant to provide knowledge on the overall gift card industry.

If you think of a tool or resource that would be helpful, please let us know in the comments below


GCR Toolbelt

GCR Current Deals Table

There are some days with 10+ gift card deals and there are some days with 0 gift card deals. That said, it is impossible to keep up with every deal that gets posted, whether it is in stock or not and how the discount compares to other deals. We’ve created the current deals table to help you stay up-to-date.

GCR Cashback Tracker

The purpose of the GCR Cashback Tracker should be relatively self explanatory… to track cashback portal rates. That said, we are not trying to broadly compete with Cashback Monitor. We are trying to create a concentrated resource for gift card related portals and cashback rates.

GCR Market Dynamics

We track how many gift cards have been sold and at what rates from one of the largest gift card marketplaces on the web. We also provide our best estimate of how many gift cards are listed on that marketplace for each denomination. All figures are provided across multiple time intervals (last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days) in order to give resllers insight into how fast they should expect cards to move and potentially at what rates. GCR Market Dynamics is currently only available for our slack members.

GCR Slack Group

The GCR Slack Group provides members with…
(1) Real-Time Deal Alerts
(2) Back In Stock Alerts
(3) Access to GCR Market Dynamics
… and much more.
The GCR Slack Group is currently closed to new members. The group has only been available for open enrollment on a few occasions. See page for details

GCR Where To Buy

We’ve built this page to answer the questions:

  • What brands does (insert gift card retailer here) sell
  • Where can I buy (insert brand name here) gift cards

GCR Bookshelf

Alternate Gift Card Brands Overview

Sometimes the best deals are ones that require a little bit of creativity. We’ve created the table below to showcase which gift cards can be used for alternative brands. This list is not all encompassing but showcases a lot of the high level opportunities that you may or may not have already known about.

Bankruptcy Impact On Gift Cards

Given the current state of the economy driven by the impacts of COVID-19, retail bankruptcies have been on the upswing and many expect many additional bankruptcies on the come. The big question for the gift card reselling hobby is, how do retail bankruptcies affect the value of gift cards for the brand that goes bankrupt? Find answers to all your questions here.

Grocery Fuel Points Overview

Grocery store chains (& some gas station chains) nationwide will allow you to earn fuel points every time you purchase something from them, whether that be groceries, fuel or even gift cards. While not all grocery chains have a fuel points program, some of the major chains do. See post for complete details on what fuel points are, how to use them & what they are worth.

Happy Gift Card Overview

Happy Gift Cards give customers increased flexibility as each gift card can be used at multiple brands (typically 5-9). Currently, there are 17 Happy Gift Card varieties comprised of 45 different brands. The brands included on each Happy Gift Card variety have been known to change over time and new varities have been known to be introduced. See post for complete detail.

GCR Gift Card Resources