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What Is Raise?

Raise is an online marketplace that allows individuals to sell their unused gift cards as well as purchase discount gift cards to save on their everyday purchases. In terms of background, Raise was launched by George Bousis in February 2013, In the years since, Raise has generated $1.6B in transactions and saved 3m members over $170m. Notably, Raise is different from a lot of gift card sites in that it is a peer-to-peer marketplace. More simply, Raise does not purchase cards from you or sell cards to you, it just serves as a market for other members to do that. Supply and demand is dictated purely by what gift cards other members have or want.

How Do I Sign Up For Raise?

Signing up for Raise could not be simpler, you can find the sign up for by clicking here. Once you submit the form, Raise will send you an email verification email. Once you verify your email, you then have access to the Raise platform and can both buy and sell gift cards.

How Does Raise Work?

The premise of Raise is simple… one person has a gift card they don’t want (whether that is a reseller or someone that just got it as a gift) and there are other people who would like to buy that gift card from you. Raise provides the marketplace for just such an exchange.

Is Raise Free To Use?

The answer is both yes and no. The platform is entirely free to list gift cards on. That said, if the gift card sells, Raise takes a 15% commission rate based off the sales price.

How Fast Will My Card Sell?

Since Raise is not purchasing your card from you, how fast your card sells is entirely based on market demand. Your card could sell almost immediately or it could sit on the market for months. Luckily, if you to any of the brand’s listing pages (like Lowe’s here) on the left hand side it will tell you how many cards have sold in the past hour/day/two days. If there is nothing listed there, it means no cards have been sold in the past two days.

Does Raise Have A Bulk Seller Program?

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Raise does offer a bulk seller program that they also call their Enterprise Sales program. If you want to find out more information on the program, you can click here. The info page lists a ton of benefits of the program but the largest that it doesn’t list is reduced commission rates. While we can’t disclose exact figures, we can say that bulk seller commission rates can be less than half the general 15% rate. Additionally, the program provides lower commission rates the more you sell. Ultimately, we would not recommend pursing the bulk seller program unless you’re averaging 5 figures per month.

Overall Review

Overall, Raise is the most transparent platform for selling gift cards. Since Raise makes a commission on every sale, they are incentivized to make the platform as visible and easy to use as possible and do an exceptionally good job. Personally, we’ve sold a significant amount of gift cards on Raise over the past two years (easily into the six figures) and our experiences have been phenomenal. As noted above, if you believe you can reliably sell $10,000 or more per month, we would highly suggest exploring the Raise bulk seller program.


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