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What Is Fluz?

At it’s core, Fluz (“Floos”) believes “people need more out of the life they are already living”. Simply put, Fluz is an everyday cashback app in which you are rewarded for paying for your everyday transactions with gift cards from Fluz. Importantly though, Fluz doesn’t replace your current favorite cashback apps (like Rakuten or TopCashback), it stacks with them and increases your earnings even further.


How Does Fluz Make Money?

Fluz charges the merchant partners a commission for every gift card you buy. Part of that commission is given to you through the cash back that you earn, part goes to the network that brought you to the app and part goes to Fluz. Ultimately, as of September 2020, Fluz was making ~1.2% on every transaction.


How To Register For Fluz

Here are the ten simple steps to registering for Fluz.

  1. Click On Our Referral Link
  2. Click Start Earning
  3. Click Register Now
  4. Enter Your Phone Number
  5. Enter One Time Passcode
  6. Enter Email Address
  7. Enter Legal Name
  8. Create Password
  9. Read & Accept Legal Jargon
  10. Enjoy Fluz
  11. For a complete walk through of the above steps, please see the video below.


Everyday Use of Fluz


How Do I Use Fluz?

Here are the six simple steps to using Fluz.

  1. Open Fluz when you’re heading for the checkout (online or in person)
  2. Search the retailer that you’re shopping with
  3. Enter the exact amount of your purchase (i.e. $24.36)
  4. Select your payment method (most likely credit card or paypal)
  5. Enter your pin number to keep your account secure
  6. Use the gift card you just purchased and earn cashback in Fluz

For a complete walk through of the steps above, please see the video below.



How Much Cashback Can I Earn?

You can earn an unlimited amount of cashback from your purchases as well as the purchases of those in your network (discussed here). Currently, there are 300+ merchant available on Fluz offering cashback bonuses of up to 6.0%. We monitor all 300+ merchants on Fluz and update their cashback rates hourly in the table below.


What Are Boosted Rates?

In addition to the list of regular cashback rates listed above, Fluz will also provide boosted cashback rates. Every day, Fluz will choose a handful of brands for which they will provide a better cashback rate than the regular rate. As with the regular rates above, we also monitor boosted cashback rates and you can see the current boosted rates in the table below.


Fluz Referral System


What Is My Network?

Your network is all the people that you’ve brought to the Fluz platform whether directly or indirectly. For instance, if you invite your wife and your wife invites her brother, both your wife and your brother will be a part of your network. If either your wife or your bother make a purchase, you make money. Even further, you will make money for every person your wife refers and money for every person your wife’s brother refers. Note, you only receive money up to 16 degrees of separation but that still allows for you to have over 65,000 people in your network before it is full.


Is Fluz A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Fluz is not a pyramid scheme. Yes, the referral system is set up in a pyramid structure but importantly, your pyramid is limited and every person along the 16 degrees of separation chain earns the same amount unlike pyramid schemes where all the benefits filter to the top of the pyramid. Fluz believes in equality of opportunity but not equality of outcome. Every person that joins the platform has the opportunity to have a full network of 65,000+ people. That said, not everybody will have that outcome.


What Are Vouchers?

So many times, we find out about a great product or app and it just isn’t worth our time to set up regardless of how useful we think it might be. Vouchers are Fluz’s answer to that. Whenever you refer someone (or are referred) to Fluz, each party (the referee and the referer) will receive 3 vouchers. Each voucher is worth a maximum of $3.50 so Fluz effectively handed you $10+ just for joining the platform.


How Do Vouchers Work?

Like regular cashback rates, there are special voucher rates for ~10 merchants at any one time and Voucher rates are substantially higher than regular cashback rates. For example, the everyday rate for Uber Eats is 0.5% while the voucher rate is 20%. So if you were to purchase a $10 uber eats gift card, you would receive 20% (or $2) IN ADDITION TO the regular cashback of 0.5% (or $0.05) for a total of $2.05. Since vouchers are worth a maximum of $3.50, you would need to purchase a $17.50 Uber Eats gift card. Voucher rate merchants will vary by the day and rates across merchants vary from 12% to 35%. In addition, vouchers expire after 60 days. Below you can see all current voucher merchants, their regular cashback rate and their voucher rate.


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What You Will Get

  • 3 Vouchers worth maximum of $3.50 each (or $10.50 total) just for joining


What We Will Get

  • 1 voucher worth maximum of $3.50 when you purchase your first gift card

Creating The Ultimate Savings Stack With Fluz

Fluz Savings Stack

(1) Cashback Website

Shop online and enable your favorite cashback website such as Rakuten or Total Cashback. One thing to note is that since Fluz provides you with merchant gift cards, make sure the merchant your are shopping with is eligible for cashback when using a gift card as your payment method.


(2) Promo Codes

Apply promo codes to your purchase to save even more. Some promo codes will negate your cashback portal so be sure they will work together.


(3) Use Fluz

Use a gift card purchased from Fluz to pay and earn cash back.


(4) Credit Card Rewards

This has been the Achilles heel of Fluz since it launched. Purchases of Domino’s did not code as restaurants and purchases of Kroger did not code as grocery. That said, things are about to change… Fluz has already rolled out brands that code as ‘office supplies’ with the Audible, OfficeMax/OfficeDepot, Staples and officesupply.com gift cards. Launching within the next two week will be the grocery category with Restaurants, Entertainment & Pharmacy next on the docket. Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons, Travel will not be flow through category in the near-term.


Upcoming Enhancements

  1. Merchant Coding: The Achilles heel of Fluz since it launched has been the lack of appropriate merchant coding (i.e. Domino’s doesn’t code as restaurants, Kroger doesn’t code as grocery, etc.). That said, things have begun to change with ‘office supplies’ coding luanching earlier this year and additional categories coming soon. Categories that you can expect to see in the near future include:
      • Grocery (in the next two weeks)
      • Restaurants
      • Entertainment
      • Pharmacy

    Unfortunately, Travel will not be a category launched on Fluz in the near-term due to logistical reasons.


  3. Chrome Extension: To make your life easier when saving money, Fluz is in private Beta of a chrome extension.

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