Chase Offers

What Are Chase Offers?

On each and every Chase Card and even your bank accounts if you pay using your debit card, you have the opportunity to save even more money on your every day spend through Chase Offers. Chase Offers give you additional savings on your every day purchases at select merchants.

Chase Offers take many forms including:

  • Buy $X, get $X back
  • Buy $X, get X% back

How Do I Enroll In Chase Offers?

Luckily, every Chase Card and Chase bank account is automatically enrolled in Chase Offers. That said, you do need to add each offer to your credit card or bank account in order to use it. When you log in to your Chase homepage and look on the right side, you will see a section entitled “Chase Offers”. Click on “See all offers”. This section has three sub-sections:

  • All: These are all the offers that are currently available to you whether you have added them to a card/account yet or not.
  • Added: These are the offers that are currently add to the current card/account.
  • Redeemed: These are the offers that you have already successfully used up
  • Expired: These are the offers that were not redeemed and have subsequently expired

Note: The required spend at the merchant must be spent on the card that the offer is added to so choose carefully.

Can Chase Offers Be Used To Purchase Gift Cards?

Sometimes. There are two important questions that need to be answered first…


Do the terms of the offer prohibit gift cards?

For example, below are the terms for a Hyatt, get 10% back offer. Notice that there is no exclusion for gift cards or e-gift cards. The only exclusion is that the purchase must be made directly with the merchant (discussed in further detail below).Note: Purchase gift cards in an attempt to use Chase Offers at your own risk. Some offers have been known not to trigger on gift card purchases even though they are not excluded. We are not liable if your Chase offer doesn’t work as you intended or for what you intended.

Offer expires 9/21/2020. Offer valid one time only. Complete payment for your stay must be made by 9/21/2020. Payment must be made directly with the merchant. Offer valid at any Hyatt hotel, including Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt House, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Regency and Park Hyatt hotels. Offer subject to availability.


If purchasing e-gift cards, does the merchant process e-gift cards directly?

If I was looking to purchase e-gift cards from Best Buy, I would go to their gift card page here. Notice that if we click on e-gift cards, the url changes to “”. This means that e-gift cards are processed by Cashstar and not Best Buy. Therefore, Best Buy e-gift cards will not trigger Chase Offers for Best Buy under any circumstances. There are plenty of other merchants like this so you will just need to check for yourself each time.


Does Everybody Get Every Chase Offer?

No. Chase Offers are targeted so you may get an offer while your friend may not. Also, Chase will also give out different offers for the same offer so you may get 10% off while your friend gets 5% off. You may also receive different offers on different cards.

Can I Add Chase Offers To Multiple Cards?

No. Once you add the offer to one card it will disappear from available offers for all other cards.


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