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Receive one email each afternoon with every deal from the prior 24 hours. Currently we only have one email frequency but will be looking to expand in the future.

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Please let us know if there are any other social media properties that you prefer.

RSS News Readers

We are in the process of building out multiple RSS feeds so that you can get the info you want and only the info you want.

Current RSS Feeds

Future RSS Feeds

  • Only Deal Content: This feed receives only deal posts that we publish
  • Daily Digest: This feed receives only our daily digest that we publish each morning. We will maintain the live daily digest page as well.

Slack Group

Click here to join the Gift Card Report Slack Group!

We’ve been hard at work creating a slack group that will quickly become your number one resource for staying on top of all the top discount gift card deals. Top benefits include…

  1. Real-Time Deal Alerts; Want to know the second we post about a new deal? How about before? Currently, our slack group gets notified of deals ~30 seconds before we post the deal to this site and twitter. In the future, we could expand that gap to 30 min or an hour.
  2. Back In Stock Alerts; Ever notice how all the best deals repeatedly go out of stock? We’re constantly monitoring all the top sites to make sure you’re the first to know when gift card deals come back in stock. We don’t even post Back In Stock Alerts to our website and twitter at all.
  3. Selling Trends Data; When a deal involves multiple denominations, one of the first questions is which denomination will move the fastest and at the best rate. Gift Card Report tracks selling trend data (volume, denominations, rates) for a select handful of (ever expanding) brands giving you better insights to the market dynamics.