SimplyMiles Complete Guide

What is SimplyMiles?

In the current environment, credit card platforms are at an inherent competitive disadvantage if they do not have an online spending offer portal similar to AmEx Offers or Chase Offers. SimplyMiles is yet another online platform that rewards consumers with American Airlines Miles (vs. AmEx Membership Rewards Points or Chase Ultimate Rewards Points) for shopping at select merchants and spending the qualified amount.

How Does Simply Miles Work?

Easy, head over to and create an account. In order to use SimplyMiles though, you’ll first need to have an American Airlines account as that is where your rewards miles will be credited to. If you do not already have an American Airlines account, you can create one on their website by clicking here.

Once you’ve created your account and linked your credit card, SimplyMiles lays out the next steps with ease…

  1. Search Through Your Offers – Browse through your curated list of offers.
  2. Activate The Offer – View offer details and add the offer to your card.
  3. Complete Your Purchase – Use one of your registered cards to complete the purchase with a SimplyMiles partner.
  4. Earn Miles – Based on your credit card transactions, we will credit your AAdvantage account with your earned miles.

Who Can Sign Up?

Any AAdvantage member who reside in the US and also hold a valid Mastercard are eligible to sign up for SimplyMiles and participation is 100% free.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

Official Answer: Currently you can only use a valid Mastercard though more options will be added in the future.

Unofficial Answer: Through the use of PayPal Key (guide upcoming), you can “convert” any credit card to a Mastercard and stack offers from AmEx Offers and Chase Offers with those of SimplyMiles.

How Many Miles Will I Earn?

There is both no minimum nor maximum amount of miles you will earn through the program. Some offers will give you a set number of miles for a set level of spend (i.e. 1,000 miles for a purchase of $50 or more) while other will give you X miles per $ spent. Additionally, offers are targeted so each person may not see every offer. Earned miles will typically be awarded to your account within 3-5 business days but in some cases can take up to 15 business days.

Using SimplyMiles For Discounted Gift Cards

Since this program rewards airline miles rather than cashback, the “discount” you are receiving all comes down to how much you value American Airlines miles.


Can Every Offer Be Used For Gift Cards

No, not every SimplyMiles offer can be used to purchase gift cards. If the gift card purchase is processed by the brand itself then it most likely (though not always) will trigger the offer. The easiest way to check and see if a brand processes gift cards themself is to check the URL of the gift card website. If a third-party e-Gift card processor such as Cashstar or BuyATab show up in the URL then that purchase will likely not trigger the SimplyMiles offer. If you have questions about a certain brand, let us know in the comments below and we will check it out for you.

Issues? Contact SimplyMiles Support

You can contact SimplyMiles Customer Support through a form on their website by clicking here.


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