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What Are Giant Eagle Perks

When shopping at Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo, every purchase helps you save money on your next stop at the gas station. See below for a complete explanation on how the program works and how to maximize the benefits.


What Brands Are Included in Giant Eagle Family of Brands?

  • Giant Eagle – Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
  • Market District – Indiana, Ohio & Pennsylvania
  • GetGo – Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
How To Earn Giant Eagle Perks

Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ differentiates between three different types of spend with regards to how many fuel points you will earn:

  • Grocery & Gift Cards: 1 perk for every $1 you spend
  • Gas: 2 perks for every gallon you purchase at Getgo
  • Prescriptions: 5 perks for every prescription you fill at the Pharmacy


Bonus Points Gift Card Promo

Not only does Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ allow you to earn perks for gift card purchases but they will also run semi-regular promotions to give bonus points on certain brands of gift cards (i.e. Earn 2x/3x points on Chipotle gift cards). In order to receive the bonus points, you will need to purchase the gift cards online. You can access the online Giant Eagle gift card store by clicking here.


Is There A Limit To The Number Of Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Perks You Can Earn?

Nope. The only limit is your credit card limit.


How To Redeem Giant Eagle Perks

For redemptions, 50 perks is worth a $0.10 / gallon discount (up to a free tank of gas) or can be used for 2% off groceries (up to 20% off one purchase).


Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Fuel Redemption Overview

50 perks are worth a $0.10 / gallon discount at a GetGo gas station up to a max $1.00 / gallon discount on up to 30 gallons.


Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Grocery Redemption Overview

50 perks are worth a 2% discount off any grocery order on a single order of up to $10,000 in qualifying purchases.


Do Giant Eagle Perks Expire?

Yes, perks will expire after ~75 days, on average, from the day on which they are earned. More specifically, perks expire on rolling Tuesdays no earlier than two months after the month in which they are earned. Each account is randomly assigned the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Tuesday of the month and your perks will always expire on that assigned Tuesday,

Additionally, when you redeem perks, any remaining “amount towards your next reward” that has not passed the 50 perks level to be converted into a reward will be reset to zero.


How Much Are Giant Eagle Perks Worth?

Fuel: Giant Eagle Perks are worth between 0.0¢ / point (if you let them expire) and 6.0¢ / point if you are able to maximize the 30 gallon max discount. Given the average fuel tank of 14-18 gallons, it is reasonable to assume that Giant Eagle Perks are worth between 2.8¢ and 3.6¢ per point when used for fuel.

Grocery: Giant Eagle Perks are worth between 0.0¢ / point (if you let them expire) and $4 if you purchase $10,000 (the max) worth of groceries. Assuming you do not let any perks expire and a more reasonable $50-100 grocery purchase, it is reasonable to assume that Giant Eagle Perks are worth between 2.0¢ and 4.0¢ per point when used for groceries.


Should I use my Giant Eagle Perks for Gas or Grocery?

Based off the math above, you will receive a relatively equal return on your Giant Eagle Perks whether you use them for Gas or Grocery.


Where Can I See My Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Balance?

You can see your current Perks Balance by clicking here with an example below. When you check your Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ balance you will see three numbers under “Perks Summary”…

  1. Redeemable Perks: How many perks you that are currently redeemable
  2. Amount Towards Next Reward: How many perks until you receive your next reeward
  3. Expiring on (insert date here): How many rewards at your next expiration date and what the specific date is
Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Program Example

Can You Use GetGo Gift Cards for Gas Purchases?

Yes! That said, if you purchase the GetGo gift cards from Giant Eagle, Market District or GetGo, you will not receive fuelperks for the purchase of the gift card. You will only receive fuelperks when the gift card is redeemed.

Using Giant Eagle Perks For Discount Gift Cards

If we assume that each perk is worth 3.0¢ (see above), that means that on normal days when gift card purchases earn 1 perk per dollar, we can purchase gift cards from Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo at an effective 3% discount. If they run a 3x Giant Eagle perks promo day, we can purchase gift cards at an effective 9% discount.


Other Fuel Points Programs

Fuel Points Programs are prevelant across the country with almost every major grovery chain offering a progrm of some form. That said, each program has it's own intricacies and works a little differently. Luckily for you, we maintain guides (just like this one) for all the major programs.

Giant Eagle Fuelperks+ Program - Gift Card Report


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